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New Song coming soon!

need inspiration

2010-06-10 10:34:26 by OBIEakaAO

i feel its been so long since i released anything and after my last album, Inebriation 101, I feel lost almost as to where to pick up where I left off. If anyone wants to collaborate, wants me to spit over a beat, holler at me


2010-05-03 19:20:33 by OBIEakaAO

My computer crashed and it was a dell dimension shitbox whatever but i was running acid pro 6.0 and have an audiophile 2496 soundcard a tubepre preamp and a MXL V67 mic and the quality was awesome.

now im on my Mac G5 with the same soundcard as before and the other stuff is also the same ( it can go on both systems) and everything sounds so shitty! I now am using Abelton live lite on my mac to record. Why does it sound like shit? and how do i make it so i can't hear myself in my headphones while im recording...or doing anything for that matter?

Please Help!!!


2010-02-03 22:42:15 by OBIEakaAO splayKickPlace.kickAction?u=20177100&a s=8254

Fire Tracks New Mix

2010-01-28 13:19:26 by OBIEakaAO t.cfm?bandID=1033102&content=musicTrac ks

New Music

2010-01-26 18:16:33 by OBIEakaAO t.cfm?bandID=1033102&content=music


2009-06-17 01:37:51 by OBIEakaAO

Always lookin to collab!

MiXtApE CoMiNg OuT SoOn

2009-03-24 11:36:26 by OBIEakaAO

If YoU ThInK yOu SpIt FyRe GeT aT mE

best sampling programs

2008-12-21 11:48:39 by OBIEakaAO

and how to do it.

help anyone??

i want to expand my knowledge in the production area.


2008-12-18 12:11:21 by OBIEakaAO

rough draft, need to know what to improve, keep, take out, etc... /195595